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Are you ready for a little laugh? (And yes feel free to laugh because this is just TO FUNNY!)

My Day So Far:

Have a dream about someone banging on my door screaming my name, wake up with a start and realize its not a dream. It’s my Dad, hes banging on the front door screaming my name. Run to the front door peak out the curtains to be sure and see my Dad standing there in a short sleeve shirt!! (mind you it’s 25 degrees outside today) I unlock the door and ask “Why in the WORLD didn’t you just use your keys?!?” “Emily locked them in the van!!” (Emily is my 12 year old sister) Then I look out the porch window “But Dad….the van’s running?” “Yeah! She opened the door started the van, locked the door back, AND CLOSED IT!” At this point I smack my forehead with the palm of my hand and just let out a deep sigh. Because this sounds exactly like Emily. Then my Dad says to me “Where are your keys?”

At this I can feel the blood drain from my face as I sink onto the couch “Dad, I left them in the van last night, they feel out of my bag and I forgot to go back for them…”

“No. No you didn’t?! How could YOU!? How are we going to get into the van?!? It’s already running!! And the kids are late for school!!”

“Well, the way I see it, we’ve got 3 options. Option number 1, break a window and shove Briana through it to open the door (Briana is my 11 year old sister), Option 2 Call the Insurance people and get them to come open it, Option 3 call the cops.”

After discussing it for a bit more we decided to go with Option Number 2, because our van has a strange lock that can’t be opened by slim jim, so now we sit here waiting for the people to come open our van, which has been running for over a half hour.

If things like this keep happening (hopefully not this troublesome though) I shouldn’t have any problem with a blog a day just by what the kids/animals in this house do!

Thanks for reading, and if you are doing a blog a day as well let me know!

And yes, from now on I will be keeping my keys with me lol