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Well, I figured today is as good a day as any for a little intro into who I am, and a little bit about me. So if you already know me, feel free to skip this part! ^-^ (unless you want a refresher course  then stick around!)

I’m from a small town in Georgia where my family has lived for at least 150 years if not longer (I lost count :P), and I grew up in Georgia, when people ask me where I’m from I automatically reply “I’m from Georgia, but I live in Kansas.” Georgia will always hold a special place in my heart, it’s my home, and a good chunk of my heart lives there. And since they say home is where the heart is, I must have a lot of homes then, cause there are pieces of my heart all over America.

Right now I live in an even smaller town in the middle of nowhere in Kansas, if I told you where you wouldn’t have heard of it, no one has. It’s a nice place I guess, a bit on the dull side sometimes, but it’s better than some of the places I’ve lived…

I’m an Army B.R.A.T, My Dad was in the Army, he’s retired now though. I spent my “formative” years there, and I have to say I learned a LOT because of it. Some of it good, some of it not so good but still useful 😉

I’ve been told that I’m impossible, which is probably true, I don’t like a lot of so called ‘normal’ stuff. I will wear a dress once in a rare blue moon. I’ve never worn make-up on my own free will, and never will. I don’t obsess over the way I look. Most days I can be seen wearing whatever I came across first thats clean. And that’s okay with me. I don’t like drawing attention to myself, I’d prefer it if I could be invisible.

I love to read, I have (at last count) almost 300 books, and I’ve read way more. My favorite author is Tamora Pierce, I’ve read (and own) every book she’s written. She’s amazingly talented, and a really nice person as well! I also love to write, but suffer from chronic writers block (which is why I started this blog)

I have 3 sisters, and despite popular belief I am the oldest. Kathy is 18, Emily is 12, and Briana is 11. Kathy’s in college right now, and the other two are still in grade school. I’m currently working on being a better sister, it’s a long work in progress.

I love to travel, I just got back from a trip to see my two best friends (as mentioned in an earlier post). I’ve had the chance to go to England, Ireland, and Wales, which was so amazing! If I EVER get a chance I’ll go back in a heart beat.

I LOVE music, all kinds of music except country and bluegrass. I love classical, rock, hard rock, pop, some rap, gospel, old Hymns, Christian Rock, etc. (According to iTunes my #1 most currently played song is “How you remind me” by Nickelback, with #2 being “Clocks” by Vitamin String Quartet)


I am also owned by 2 cats, Galadriel and Baby Face Nelson, both girls, and both of them have a bossy streak in them like most cats do. I’m most certainly an animal person, I love the BIG cats most (i.e Tigers and Lions), followed by big dogs, Horses, etc. (I love dragons too 😉 )


And last, but probably the biggest part of my life, I have Celiac Disease. It’s an auto-immune disease in which the body see’s wheat as something very bad and attacks it, and my body too. I’m hyper sensitive so I get sick if someone touches wheat and touches my food, or if someone eats wheat during the day and then drinks my drink and I drink it. It’s a bit crazy. I’ve been Gluten-Free for 1 year and apx. 6 months now. At first I had to just take it a day at a time. Being told I’d never eat my favorite foods again, that I’d have to constantly read labels and such, but recently I’ve realized that I’d rather do that, than be constantly sick! Last year’s “winter” I only got sick ONCE for the first time in my life! And all because of some wheat 😛 Everyone once and a while I’ll pine over something I used to love, mostly when I’m really depressed, but I honestly don’t miss the food so much as the ease. I miss being able to go into any restaurant and eat whatever I wanted. To be able to go out and eat with my family whenever I want, but I’m working on getting over that. There’s no use wanting what you can never have. And I’ll have to live gluten-free (GF) for the rest of my life.


Well, there is a little (lot) about me, I hope I didn’t put you to sleep 😉

If you have any suggestions for blog posts please feel free to leave them as a comment!