Music is an important part of my life, even though I can’t play worth a flip, I still LOVE music. I love listening to the music God has gifted other people with the talents to make. I haven’t quite decided if music influences my mood, or if my mood influences what music I choose to listen too. Someday’s it seems that when I’m sad I often want to listen to ‘sad’ slow music. And when I’m happy I want to listen to music I can dance around too. But other times I find myself choosing music opposite my mood, just to see how it sounds from a different perspective.


I’ve recently been on a ‘classical’ music kick,  and when I listen I sit and close my eyes, and just imagine stories that go along with the music. (I’m hoping this too will get my over my writers block, and if I ever come up with anything good I’ll try and post it here too) I find I like the way some pieces ‘chase’ after each other up and down the keys…And I like how some pieces start off quiet and then work themselves up into something LOUD and BOLD!

I also love this group called “Vitamin String Quartet”  that takes regular songs and makes them into more classical pieces. I must have listened to “Clocks by VSQ” at least 100 times by now. It’s one of my favorite pieces.  It’s got so much passion, so much energy, it’s just amazing!


I also have a few pieces written by someone I know I’ve listened to a lot, I’ve been trying to come up with a good story for them as well, it’s a work in progress.  If I ever manage to piece something together I’ll post it as well…


I’ve also listen to a lot of older 80/90’s songs lately. Like Nickelback, Cold Play, Gorillaz, Green Day. Mostly because of the moods I’ve been in. But I do enjoy them all.  A lot of them are great songs to dance too, and some of them are just songs to scream the lyrics to and forget whatever’s going on in your life at the moment.


Well, there’s today’s post. Probably not my best, but at least I posted.

And as always, if you have any suggestions leave a comment!