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As I have mentioned, I’ve been suffering from chronic writers block for well over 6 months….the last story I was able to finish was written well over a year ago. This year I want to be able to enter a story into the Kansas Writers Competition again, It’s later in the year, but I need at minimum of 2,500 words, an entire chapter of a book to enter it. And I actually want to complete the book, that’s a pretty big goal, so if I can manage to write half the book I’ll be satisfied.  (Forget that I’ll be freaking ecstatic!! Now if I can only figure out WHAT to write!) It has to be original, and un-published (which I’m pretty sure includes my blog so y’all will have to wait until after I get the results to read it, if it’s any good) There are prizes for 1st-3rd place, but I won’t mind just getting an honorable mention! That would be amazing, a dream come true actually.

Now, as for today’s Title, Crystal Piano December, it’s the name of a song I mentioned (without naming) yesterday, I decided what better time to write the story than at that moment. So I sat down and for an hour I forced myself to write…It certainly isn’t my best work, I’m sure it isn’t even that great. But it’s a complete story, beginning-middle-end and that’s really all I was going for. I’m going to include it at the end of today’s post if you wish to read it. (And I’m sure there are typo’s and such because it’s just a rough draft at best)

Please feel free to give constructive criticism, and any pointers you feel like passing on. The names are subject to change; in the first draft I always just pick random names, and after the characters are established I go back and find better names for them. (At the moment I can’t remember where I put my ‘baby’ name book so I had to just pick off the top of my head) And please keep in mind I’ve never written a story of this type, it just seemed to fit with the song so well, I couldn’t change it…

I’ve already got another story in my head, so I’m off to work on it, it feels great to be writing again!

For some reason the font I used won’t copy over (it looked prettier that way), oh well, here goes….


Crystal Piano December: A short story

by Kristina Ware

It was the night of her first dance, her coming out ball, and she had never been more excited for anything in her entire life. There was a blanket of snow lying on the ground, and it was Christmas Eve, her favorite time of the year. She had waited months, even years for this one event, it would be the most amazing night of her life, she just knew it would. She had designed the dress herself, it was floor length and as white as the snow that lay untouched in the garden behind her house. The top was a beaded corset, that she thought looked very flattering on her, enhancing her small figure and making her look even thinner in the right places. The dress itself was made of silk, light as a feather, so she wouldn’t get worn out to quickly wearing it and dancing. It was almost time now, she had been getting dressed for hours, and she heard the sounds of guests arriving downstairs, she would have to wait a little while longer though. She was making a grand entrance from the main staircase right into the ballroom. She took one more look at herself in the mirror, she was beautiful, she was as pale as a newborn, with the smoothest skin anyone could ever want. She had long blond hair that was piled on top of her head, to the point of little curls spilling over. And she had been told her whole life that her eyes were ice cold blue, while being warm at the same time, oh how she loved the color of her eyes, she had inherited them from her father. Her looks she had gotten from her mother. She was a natural beauty, but she was without vanity. She knew that her beauty was just a gift, and she treasured it, without letting it swell her head too big.

There was a knock at her door, and then her Papa came in, he would be escorting her down to the ball, to present her to society, with any luck she might just meet her husband tonight. She was after all 16 years old! It was about time she found a man to marry, before she became an old maid. She took the arm her Papa offered her, and turned neatly in the almost ballet like flats she was wearing. And they walked through the door and to the stairs, her heart was beating wildly in her chest, she just knew everyone was going to be able to hear it, she had never been more nervous in her life!

They paused at the top of the stairs so that everyone could have a good look at her. She could hear the murmurs of approval and the gasps of pleasure. This made her smile, for she had a beautiful smile, and it made her even more beautiful if that was possible. At the bottom of the stairs she did a little curtsy as a Thank you for the applause. “Thank you for coming to my party, now it’s time to dance!” And on that note the band began to play, at first it was just the piano alone, almost mournful by itself, but it still had a sweet delicious sound to it.

And she stood there waiting, waiting to see who would be bold enough to ask her for the first dance. She didn’t have to wait long, although from the way the crowd parted he must have crossed the entire room just to ask her. He bowed and offered his hand, and curtseyed and accepted by placing her small hand inside his larger one. Now that she got a good look at him she could see he was at least a foot taller than her. He had sandy blond hair, and eyes so beautiful she was sure her heart skipped a beat. He was dressed in a lovely suit of dark blue, so blue it appeared black, it contrasted with her gown beautifully. They moved to the center of the dance floor, the crowd parting around him once again. He had the air of someone very important, and she had a feeling she should know his name, like that had met once before, but the memory felt almost like a dream itself, and when she tried to retrieve it, it ran away from her. He took her hand in his, and placed his hand on her waist, the top of her hair barely came up to his chin, he was very tall she thought to herself, and very handsome. These thoughts made her blush, she blushed very easy, she looked at the floor and focused on the steps involved in the dance. The candle light reflected off all the gold pieces in the room making it glow with a warmth that made you feel as if you could float. The other people had started to dance but she hardly noticed them at all, it was as if they were in their own little world, nothing existed outside the two of them.

She got up the nerve to look up into his eyes again, and saw that he was smiling down at her, he had an amazing smile and she was sure that if she were butter she would have melted on the spot. She blushed again and went to look back down, but he cupped his hand under her chin and nudged her to look up.

“Do you recognize me?” he asked with a voice as sweet as sugar and honey, but at the same time he had an accent she just couldn’t place

“I’m sorry, I feel as if I should, but I just can’t place you…” she replied softy

“Well, I didn’t think you would remember me well, for I’ve changed quite a bit since the last time we meet. I haven’t seen you since you still wore your aprons to play in! My how you’ve grown! My name is William, I’m a distant cousin of yours on your father’s side, we used to play together during summers at the sea….”

The William she remembered had been completely different! He had been short, and all together not handsome at all. He’d suffered illness has a child and his mother kept him indoors most days. But when they had the chance to play together they had, had all sorts of adventures. He had been loads of fun back then, they had both enjoyed reading, horseback riding, and archery.

“Dear Will, my how you’ve grown! I wouldn’t have known it was you if you hadn’t told me!” she replied

“Well, it’s Lord William not actually, but I dare say I don’t mind if you call me Will, if I might still call you Kat?”

“Oh, No one but my father has called me that in years! But I don’t see why you can’t if you want to my Lord”

“Oh now, we’ll have none of that! We were just starting to get to know each other, bring the formalities in and we’ll be here all night and won’t have had a decent bit of conversation. Please, just call me Will…”

“If that’s what you wish Will, may I ask what you are doing in this area of London? If I remember correctly doesn’t you family reside near Bath?”

“Yes, my Mom lives there now, I’ve taken a small house here in the city for the winter months to settle some things, and when I heard, Dear Kat, that you were having your ‘coming of age’ ball I just had to come, I hope you don’t mind?”

“Mind? I don’t mind at all! It’s been lovely seeing you again, you’ve really grown up haven’t you? I’m glad you came…”

“You’ve grown up yourself, you aren’t the little girl in aprons anymore are you? If I might be so bold, you look beautiful in that gown, who designed it?”

“I did, I’ve been working on the design for over a year now. It’s only just been completed last week actually. Thank you for the compliment.”

“It’s an amazing dress, but you make it beautiful Kat, you look stunning.”

At this she couldn’t help but blush again, and look at the floor. He was very forward…

At this point the song ended and he let go of her, almost reluctantly, and she found she missed his touch immediately. She gazed up into his eyes once more and found he looked as disappointed as she felt. “It would be rude for me to keep the host of the party all to myself, but promise me, you’ll save me one last dance?” She nodded in agreement because she found her words had left her, she didn’t want him to leave her, and she had no idea why.

She danced several more times, none quite so magical as that first dance, and she even had her toes stepped on a fair number of times! Just as she was beginning to think he had left or even worse, found someone else, he showed back up with two drinks in his hand and offered her one of them. “Come, you look like you could use a rest, shall we retire to the sitting room?” he said this so quietly she was sure she was the only one who could hear him, even though there were people everywhere. She nodded in agreement and felt him take hold of her hand, she noticed at once how warm his hand was, and how his touch made her whole body feel warm. She followed him across the side of the room, and into the sitting room next door which was thankfully unoccupied. She sat gracefully on the couch in the corner and let out a sigh of relief, she had been standing for hours and her feet were quite sore at this point. He sat in the chair beside her and took a taste of his drink, she remembered she had one too and looked down at it. Her drink, she noticed was just strawberry water, for which she was grateful, she didn’t like the stronger drinks much at all, and rarely ever drank them.

After a moment of silence he glanced over at her and spoke “I’ve been waiting to ask you this for a while, but I’ve had to wait for the right moment, and of course for you to come of age. I am considerably older than you dear, and it’s been a long hard wait. I’ve even went so far as to ask your father’s permission, it’s why I’ve moved to London for the winter season, would you consider me a suitor? Let me court you dear Kat?”

She was shocked, so much so she couldn’t find any words. All she could think about was ‘Why Me?’ He’s rich, a Lord now, I’m just the daughter of a Lord, not even able to inherit. I’m not even the oldest daughter, or the most important. Before she knew what she had said she asked “Why?” and then gasped and blushed in embarrassment.

“Simple dear Kat, I love you. I know that’s a bold thing for me to say, but it’s true, I’ve loved you for the longest time. You were always so kind to me when we were younger, the only one of your sisters who was willing to stay inside with me when I wasn’t able to go out, the only one who was interested in the same things I was. The only truly kind one. I just hope that if you allow me to court you, that you’ll come to love me too, that would make me the happiest man in the world. So what do you say dear Kat?”

“My Lord, I’d be honored to have a suitor such as yourself, you are truly a kind man and I would be very honored to be courted by you.”

At this he grinned wider than she had ever seen him smile before and jumped to his feet, he snatched the glasses and placed them on the table and took her hands in his and lifted her up. He held her close and just inhaled the essence that was her.  It was the happiest moment of both of their lives, for they both lived long and happy lives together. They had a long and splendid courtship, and a huge and beautiful wedding in which Kat herself designed all the clothes. They had a number of children, and lived together until their old age. The dance was truly the most important event of her life…and she wouldn’t have traded it for the world!

The End