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I don’t have very much to post today, I spent most all day yesterday working on a story that  (at the moment) is Titled “Midnight Run” I’m at the beginning of the 4th chapter, and I’ll be able to move on as soon as I manage to find my name book and give the two male leads names… I never seem to have a problem naming the girls, it’s always the boys who stump me. Maybe I’ll just give them both temp names like ‘Bob’ or ‘Fred’ except it would totally throw me off the story line laughing…

I have a general idea where I’m going with the story, but at the moment it just seems to be writing itself, so I’m going with it! With any luck I’ll be able to knock it into shape in time for August to entire it into the contest I mentioned yesterday…

Yesterday one of my best friends and I were talking about something we’d both really like to have! A dog, that sniffs out gluten particles in food! Wouldn’t that be amazing! To be able to eat something without fear of being sick for weeks afterwards? (Because at this point I’ve given up on eating out anytime in the near future, I’m tired of getting sick!) I seem to be what they call “hyper sensitive” so even small amounts always get me, and I feel like I’m going to die for days, and I’m sick for weeks. (More often than not catching whatever flu/virus/bug is currently going around as well)

I won’t lie and say I understand how one would train a dog to do something like that, but man, wouldn’t it be freaking SWEET! (And yet another reason to get a puppy 😉 )

Well, ‘Midnight Run’ is calling my name, if I can get the 4th chapter finished today I’ll post it for tomorrow, please feel free to review it as well as yesterdays story 🙂