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As I couldn’t decide what to post today I took a visit to The Daily Press and decided to write about 3 of the different topics on the list (partly because I couldn’t pick just one, and partly because I knew if I picked just one it would be a very short post) so without further ado, here we go!

Topic # 1 List 3 countries you’d visit, and why (I’m gonna make this 3 I haven’t visited yet):

In no particular order

1. France

2. New Zealand

3. Japan

I wanna visit France because it just sounds like a cool thing to do, and because one of my best friends is half French and has a lot of family there, so it would be wicked cool to get to take a trip there someday with her, really get immersed in the culture 🙂

New Zealand is pretty obvious…Lord of the Rings was filmed there!! And the set is still there!! Plus I hear it’s a beautiful place to visit, they have beaches and mountains all in one little island….

And I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, it just seems like a cool place, not to mention all the culture…


Topic #2 Share something that makes you smile:

My cats, Galadriel and Baby, make me smile a LOT! They are always doing something goofy, silly, or just plain cute! (As a result I have a LOT of pictures of them on my iPhone4) My family also makes me smile, and my friends

Topic #3 Do you prefer talk or txt?

That’s a tough one really, because I have people I prefer to actually talk to, especially when I’m upset or just want to talk. But I’d have to say I txt, IM, or email 100 times more than I talk on my phone, or on my laptop. In fact it’s pretty common for my txt rate to reach well over 4000 during any given month….I’ve almost reached 9000 before I think… So I actually txt the most


I haven’t written much more on Midnight Run, I’m trying to decide how I want things to proceed from where I’m currently at, and it’s a bit of a tough cross roads, I’m still hoping to have AT LEAST Chapter 4 up over the weekend, if not 4-6 so hang in there!