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I was having a bit of trouble trying to decide what to write today, when this just hit me out of no where…

What’s in a name? Just about everybody I know calls me something different…I have more nicknames than I can count. And I thought I’d go through some of them today with y’all….just for the fun of it 🙂


My name is Kristina, is means “Girl-Christian”, I’ve been named since a decade before I was born…the reason I ended up with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’ is because my mom thought the K looked more pretty in cursive…There have been only two people in my life who actually called my Kristina all the time though. My Great-Granny who passed away a number of years ago always did, and she had a special way of saying it that no one else can copy…I truly miss hearing it. And my Grandma has ALWAYS called me Kristina, I’ve never heard her call my Kristi in my entire 20 years…and she always writes my name KristiNA and I’ve never thought to ask her why….

Of course people who don’t know me well often call me Kristina, and they usually end of shorting it to Kristi without me even mentioning it. Which I find amusing as well.

Online I’m often known as polarbear or polarbearscooby, as far as that nickname goes long story short, I took an accidental dip into a frozen over pool on Dec. 31st several years ago… and the name just stuck. (Most people just shorten it to PB tho)

My youngest sister always calls me Kris, in fact, I can’t really ever think of a time in which she’s called me Kristi, or Kristina. I find it adorable and sweet, so I’ve never mentioned it to her. (she’s 11) It’s probably because when she was growing up that’s what my Mom called me most often…

Kathy calls me something completely unique and different from anyone else, Skippy Dip, I have no idea why….I really should ask one of these days…If I ever remember. She’s called me that for at least 5 years if not longer. I’ve always called her Kat, ever since she was born.

My Dad has perhaps one of my favorite nicknames for me; he calls me Tiger, for many reasons, my favorite reasons I think is because I’m innocent and cute looking when I want to be, and if I’m crossed I have a vicious Tiger like streak in me, that you just don’t want to see.

The kids I taught at church usually just called me Kwisti, as most of them can’t make the ‘R’ sound yet. (something a sister of mine used to do) And it always melts my heart a little to hear it.

And, my nom de plume is Eravest, which happens to be the ‘current’ name for the lead in Midnight Run. Back in the day, I used to be WAY into The Lord of the Rings (still am, just not as obsessed) and I LOVED online RPGS, My characters name was Eravest, and ever since then it’s just been my nom de plume. (I actually just made the name up….like in 2004)

So, What’s in a name? If everybody calls you something different? And every name is special? What’s your favorite nickname? And do you believe the meaning of your name is important? I’d love to hear back from y’all on this so comment away!


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