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I sat down today and managed to write Chapters 4-6 of Midnight Run! Please keep in mind this is a VERY rough draft, and I’m sure there are all sorts of errors….and I might make chapter 6 a little longer later on

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If you missed the 1st 3 chapters you can read them here otherwise without further ado, here is Midnight Sun Chapters 4,5,& 6



Chapter 4

If I was a fainting sort of girl, I’m sure I would have at that point, instead I just looked him straight in the eyes, which was hard to do because he seemed capable of seeing into my very soul, and asked him “What do you expect me to do? If I even believe you, and I’m not saying I do, do you honestly expect me to give up my entire life and follow you to some make-believe world and be a pretend Queen?!?” At this point I was screaming the words at him, and he flinched away almost as if I had smacked him, and part of me felt a smug satisfaction in all this.  But at the same time for some reason I really didn’t want to hurt him, and I have no idea why, but it almost felt as if I knew him. Like when you meet someone you had played with as a child and had forgotten until you are introduced again when you are older. “What’s your name?” I asked him rather abruptly, he stammered a minute before he replied softly “Kilava, my name is Kilava, it means ancient protector, and I am at your service.”

Glancing down at the watch on my wrist I realized I was in big huge trouble, it was past noon, I had to get home quickly, and come up with a good excuse for where I had been…without letting my Mom see what I was wearing. “Kilava, I don’t know that I believe you about being a queen, but I know I’ll be a dead person if I don’t get home soon, and without my parents noticing me, can you help?”

“Your parents already know we are coming, a messenger has been sent ahead to warn them, and to tell them to pack your things. We’ve been afraid this day would come for many years now…and we’ve been preparing this entire time.”

“You’ve been doing WHAT?!” I screamed at him “This is MY life, I can make my own choices, I make my OWN path in life! What makes you think that I’m going to just go along with all these ‘plans’ you’ve made for me?!?”

At this point I was just freaking out, I had spent my entire life with people telling me what to do, how to do it, what to wear, even who to be friends with, I had reached my breaking point, I just couldn’t take any more of this at all! I practically jumped up, making myself light headed in the process, and I spun around and began to walk away. I turned my back on him, and I walked away. I didn’t care if he followed me, in fact, I was kind of hoping he was just part of my imagination, that when I left the clearing and got back home this would all be a dream. I didn’t care if my mother yelled at me, if my father looked at me with disappointment, I just wanted to be home. To forget any of this had ever happened. And at that thought I began to run…faster than I had ever run before I ran towards home and I didn’t look back.

Chapter 5

I slammed open the door and slammed it shut behind me locking it as quickly as I could; I stood in the grand foyer panting, trying to catch my breath and make sense of what was going on around me…it was only then that I realized I was not alone, in fact I was far from alone. The sitting room off the foyer was full of people, and all of them were looking at me like they had been expecting me, like they knew me, and I knew none of them I was sure of that. And none of them looked human, they were all stunningly gorgeous, and had delicately fine features, high cheek bones and beautifully defined eyes. And if I wasn’t mistaken their ears almost seemed pointed…I’m sure that was a trick of the light. All of them, male and female, had long hair, and porcelain white skin.  I blinked a couple of times to try and clear my eyes, maybe I was just imaging them, but they were still there. And all at once the entire crowd knelt down on the floor and bowed to ground towards me.

I’m not sure how long I stood there staring at them bowing at me, but after a while, it honestly felt like forever, one of them sat up so that she was kneeling and looked straight into my eyes, it seemed as if she too could see into my very soul, and when she spoke her voice sounded almost musical, like a piano playing. “Long live the Queen, Long live Queen Eravest!” The rest of the crowd joined in, and I just continued to stare at them, they had me confused with someone else I was sure, because I was no Queen to anyone.

Looking around frantically I saw my parents standing to one side in the sitting room, I rushed in past the crowd of people kneeing on the floor and threw myself into my father’s arms. “Please Papa, Please tell me what’s going on here, please tell me this is just a dream…” but when I looked up into his face I could tell it was no dream, he looked sad, almost mournful, and glancing over at my mother I saw shock mixed with pride. I knew then and there my life would never be the same.


Chapter 6

My Papa was the first person to speak, it took him a while, he seemed almost unsure about how to proceed, I’d never seen my Papa unsure about anything in my entire life. I just needed him to tell me it was going to be ok, but I had a feeling that’s not what he was going to say. He sat me down on the chaise and began to pace back and forth, something he often did before making a speech…

“Eravest, my dear Eravest, the time has come for me to tell you the truth about who we are, and I need you to listen to me without interrupting, for it is a long story, a hard story, and I need you to promise me you will listen in silence till I’m done, can you do that for me?”

He paused long enough for me to nod my head, I seemed to have lost my voice, then he began, my father had always been a good story-telling, and this was his best yet…

“Long ago when the world was newer, when there were fewer humans in it, fairies lived alongside humans, helping them and trying to guide them, but humans were violent in nature, and in the end the fairies had to vanish leaving behind just the ‘bedtime’ story memory of themselves as the only evidence they had ever been there, because they could no longer stand to watch the pain humans inflicted upon each other and the earth and her creatures. The fairies believe that everything was connected in a way, the we needed the earth just as much as she needs us, and that our job was to take care of her, and her creatures, and especially each other. Some of the fairies, however, had taken human mates, and fairies always mate for life, to leave them would have killed them. So they stayed behind, keeping the secrets of their world, and passing them on only to the children they thought would keep the secret well, and use it to help and not hurt. The humans were naturally drawn to the ‘human’ fairies, and they rose in power and in statue, becoming the royal powers we have today. And every once and awhile a faire human would go back to live with the fairies, or one of them would come to leave here. And this was how I was born, my mother saw my father in the woods one day, and fell in love with him. She was the Queen’s daughter, and was expected to produce and heir, a daughter, to rule someday. But she didn’t, she just had the one son, me, because she died in childbirth, my father raised me up with the knowledge that I would need to produce an heir someday, that I was a faire, which is why when you were born we gave you a faire name, and we raised you to one day become the Queen. Now my Grandmother has passed away, and it’s time, time for you to accept the crown, and your destiny. Time for you to grow up now, I had always hoped we’d have more time, but it wasn’t meant to be…I hope you understand that everything we’ve done, we’ve done it out of love…”