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As most of you know I went on vacation during the beginning to Jan. to one of my best friends house, and she and her family introduced me to an amazing snack, that I’m shocked I never thought of sooner! And after getting home I had the idea to pair it with something else and it made it so much better! (I’m finding it hard not to eat all of it at once :P)

My New Favorite Snack:

Chocolate Chips + Mini Marshmallows = AMAZING!!

Today is my friend MCs birthday (Happy B-Day MC!) so last night I stayed up late to wish her a happy birthday and while we where talking I said something like ‘I can’t stop eating these chocolate chips!’ and she txted back ‘I read that as chocolate cows!’ I laughed so hard I hurt 😛


So forever more Chocolate chips and Marshmallows will be known as “Chocolate Cows” or just “Cows”

And now this blog post has made me hungry….I’m gonna go eat some cows 😉

Here are some Chocolate Cows! *nomnomnom*