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Well, we sure got some snow alright! There is a LEAST a foot (in most places more) in my front yard right now! On the east side of my house there is a drift probably as tall as I am!!

And we HAD to go to the store this morning…it took us about 40 minutes to dig out our van, and another 10 just to drive the (less) than 2 miles to the grocery store!! I was expecting them to be sold out of everything since it’s a smaller local store, but the only thing they were sold out of was ‘Cool Ranch Doritos’!! (Which I find random and bizarre!)

So our trip to Topeka was canceled, and Dad’ll have to wait another 2-3 months to see his Doctor (stupid system!! but that’s a post for another time)  and no shopping, but at least we are home, safe and warm. (Thank God the repair man was able to get the part for the heater last week!!)

They’ve already canceled school for tomorrow because despite plowing all day you still can’t see the road! And it’s still snowing…

At one point today I had to stop what I was doing to rush and stop it from ‘snowing’ in my room!! When they installed the windows in the house 3 years ago they must have screwed up because there is a 2 inch gap in all 3 of my windows that was letting snow in!!


All in all it’s been a L-O-N-G day, with very little good happening….and I’m more than ready for tomorrow….