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I decided to do this 30 Day Photo Challenge that’s going around FB, only I’m going to do it here on my blog to give me something to help me write everyday…


Day 01 – A picture of yourself with ten facts


1. I like B&W photos

2. I love chocolate (a bit to much :P)

3. I HATE wearing shoes, or even socks! I prefer to feel the ground beneath my feet

4. My first word was ‘Mick-Mouse’ meaning Mickey Mouse

5. I have a rather large collection of secret ‘guilty’ music, that I’d die if anyone knew about 😛

6. I can move the smallest toe on both of my feet without moving any other toe…I only know of one other person who can do this…

7. The 1st book I ever owned was a Bible, My Grandma got it for me when I was a day old, its the first book on my bookshelf

8. The first ‘chapter’ book I ever read all by myself was “Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake”

9. I read most of Little Women when I was 8, until I got to the part where Jo gets married, it made me angry so I quit reading it then….I finished it when I was 14

10. I shoot left handed…I always have, I also seem to sign (ASL) using my left hand, and I eat left handed, and I write with a calligraphy pen left handed. Other than that I’m right handed