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Sorry all, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted (I haven’t really been doing a blog a day have I?) but I’ve had a bit of a block going on. (Not to mention with the snow I’ve hardly left the house so not much to report :P)

Yesterday was one of my least favorite holidays of all (V-day), and I drove my Dad to a doctors appointment at the Topeka VA. Its about a 3 hour trip each way, so I spent 95% of my day in the Hulk (aka our van) but we had some AMAZING weather! As it was 59* outside! And it’s supposed to be that warm or even warmer today! I’m thrilled because I am so sick of the 2 foot of snow we had in our front yard! :p (I’ve even got my bedroom windows open so it can air out a little! 🙂 )

I’m sorry to say I haven’t written anything more in “Midnight Run” yet, I know kind where I want the story to go, I’m just not sure how to get there yet, so I might have to do some skipping ahead. If I can ever focus long enough to do so 😛

I’ve had loads of fun the past week or so writing snail mail (postal) letters to my friend MC (I think she’s probably gotten 20 pages worth of letters?), and to my sister Kathy who is away at Uni, I LOVE writing letters so it’s been awesome. (One of these days I’m gonna find an overseas pen pal…. I swear it’s always been a dream of mine) There is just something amazingly fun about writing out a letter on paper (I seriously need new stationary tho) and waiting for the other person to get it and write you back. It’s something I fear this generation will never know the thrill of…


I’ll leave y’all with this cute convo I had with Briana yesterday on the way to Topeka while I was driving:

(I can’t remember how it started but here’s the cute part 😉 )

Briana: I’ll just use some tree sticks

Dad: Don’t you mean Branches?

Briana: No, branches are the things on the trees, tree sticks are the one’s that have fallen off!

Me: Huh, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Cause Branches must BRANCH off of something, so if it’s on the ground it’s really not a branch anymore is it?

Briana: Nope. It’s a tree stick!


So cute 🙂