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Today’s topic comes from Pinky via The Daily Post “What’s the most trouble you’ve ever been in?”


Behind the house I grew up in was a 1/4 acre field, surrounded by trees that my sister Kathy and I used to play in. One day we decided we wanted to go on a ‘camping’ trip. (We were about 8 and 9 I’d guess) So we gathered together our ‘supplies’ and put them in a backpack. But since we’d be outside and away from home we’d need light, and something to cook over. So it was decided we need to get the box of matches from the bathroom, and the emergency candle from the kitchen. We put them into our bag alone with everything else, and headed out to set up ‘camp’.

We laid out our sleeping stuff, made a fire pit, and settled down for the ‘night’ (it was actually around 11-12 am I’d guess), well shortly after we were called inside, we just left everything where it was and went inside, and quickly forgot about it.

A few days later my Grandma found the matches in the woods near our house, and asked Kathy and I if we had been playing with them. Not wanting to get in trouble we lied. (The only time I ever remember lying to my Grandma) We made up a really elaborate lie too, upon hindsight totally not the way to go… And my Grandma called us out on it. We confessed to having taken the matches, but remained adamant on the fact that we hadn’t lit any.

We were punished severely, no library for me for like 2 weeks, no reading the books I already had, no T.V, we had to sit with our Mom in church instead of sitting in front of her, we weren’t allowed to play with the other kids after church during Choir Practice, we had to stay with Mom, and we had to write TONS of lines. It was awful….

That’s the biggest trouble I’ve ever been in….