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My Deli inside a HOUSE in Ireland (there's where a family would have lived with all their livestock!)

Cliffs of Moor after I FINALLY got a raincoat

Getting ready to go down into the Mine

Still upset we only got 15 mins

Todays topic comes from Plinky :

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home?

The farthest I think I’ve ever been from home would be London England in July of 2008. I went on the “Celtic Discovery” tour with People to People (P2P) Student Ambassadors. We went to England, Ireland, and Wales. It was amazing!

I flew the London Eye, saw Big Ben’s Tower, went to the Tower of London (amazing! even if we only got an hour or so there), saw the changing of the guards, the WWII museum (so sad!!),  had lunch with Henry the VIII saw the Leaky Cauldron, saw the “Sound of Music” on Broadway  and much more in London (including camping outside Warwick Castle, and getting to play with swords!)

I got to see Stone Henge (even if it was for only 15 minutes), kissed the Blarney Stone (several of the boys licked it, after me thank God), went to Waterford Crystal (AHMAZING!), played in a Peat Bog (it stole my pants!), learned an Irish Dance Step, Bunratty Castle and saw the Cliffs of Moor (so amazing!) And the Caves of Aillwee in Ireland

I got to climb Cardiff Castle, see the Millennium Center, went into an Underground Coal Mine, (which was REALLY scary) in Wales

In England I got to go to Bath, and we toured the old Bath house, which was really amazing! I saw the World’s Largest Trebuchet being fired, played with swords, and camped outside a castle that was surrounded by Peacocks, which make the most awful noise so I didn’t sleep a wink 😛 in Warwick, saw the place Shakespeare was born which was amazing with tons of pretty houses, shopping in Chesterfield (amazing!) and had tea a few times.

All in all, Europe was amazing, and I can’t wait to go back! Someday I hope to travel even farther in than I got to, see more places, interact with more people, and just enjoy the country. They have so much history and culture, it’s just amazing. I also want to make it to France and Scotland as well; among other places.

Me with an awesome sword 🙂

He was totally scary

Me Flying the Eye in London