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I’ve been told by different people at different times that I say the phrase “I know right?” a LOT. So I started paying attention, and I realized I do say it a lot! So I started really paying attention to the words and phrases I use a lot (in real life and via txt and email) And I thought I’d make a little list for my blog (and my friends can feel free to point out any words I may have missed)

1. I know right?! or IKR? < I probably say this way to much, both online and in person….

2. LOL, lol, ROFLOL < Who doesn’t overuse these in chat, txt and email?

3.  Omg/Oh My Gosh! < I use this more online than anywhere else

4.  Oh Dear < This is a new one added to the list, thanks to two of my friends I’ve found myself saying/typing this more and more 😛

5. Wow/Woah/No way < Yeah I realize they are 3 different words but you get the drift

6. Sigh/Ugh/ Deep Sigh < Mostly use those in chats and emails

And, as a bonus, here are the emoticons I think I use the most:

1. ;)/:)

2. 😛

3. ^_^/^.^/ =^.^=

4. :-/

5.  ;p


Let me know if you think of something else!

What phrase/word do you use the most?


Till next time,