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Today has been an AMAZING day! After my post, this A.M I went to sonic for Happy Hour, and I ran into my drama teacher! While wearing my ITS shirt! O.o I did not even recognize her because she let her hair grow out! Then Dad and I decided since it was such a nice day outside to take Briana to the park (Emily was at a chess thing) that was loads of fun, and then we went down to the river next to the park to see how high the water was from the snow. It was high, but we have seen it much higher.

We came home, and I decided it was just to perfect a day outside to be inside, so I got out my long bow, my compound bow, and my target and went shooting in the yard! I had not been able to practice in forever because it has been either way to cold, or way too windy. However, today was perfect archery weather. I started with my long bow but I decided the string was too damaged and needs to be replaced before I use it again. So I moved to my compound bow, which I have not used in about a year or so because I have been working with the long bow.

There is nothing like shooting a bow, the whole world fades away and all that’s left is you and the target. I have been shooting since I was about 7 years old, one of my many Great Uncles decided he liked me, so he taught me to shoot, he always said I was talented and I always disagreed. Even more so now that I cannot practice as often as I would want. (Just today alone, I destroyed 8 arrows…) However, I still love it, it’s not about being the best, it’s just about doing it.  I usually listen to music when I shoot, I put on my headphones, pick up my bow, and I just let everything that’s bothering me fade away.

As soon as I can get new arrows (next week) and the weather is good again I want to do it again. I can’t wait actually!!

After I killed 8 arrows and will have to repair a 9th out of 12 of them I decided it was time I stopped for the night, or I would have nothing to practice with next time (crossing my fingers for tomorrow!)

It was still light outside, so Dad, Emily, Briana and I all walked down to the little park that is a block from our house. We all had loads of fun swinging on the swings, going round the marry-go-round, and going down the scary slide. We stayed there until just a little while ago and now here I am posting this!

Now for the pictures!

Doesn't that look amazing!

It actually made it all the way to 73* today!


Dad on the swings

The 1st park trip

Dad and Briana on the 1st park trip

Dad, Briana, and the Tank

Me on the swing!

No Freaking DUH! (In case you can't read it it says "No diving or swimming off the dam"

The Dam, you can see where I took the pics the other day from at the top!

Briana and Dad (she's getting so tall!!)


My First set (with all my arrows) (all the brown ones were shot with the long bow)

The graveyard (And my long bow)

Broken arrows

My Long Bow, Compound Bow, and my 'good' arrows

Sunset = AMAZING!

So prettyful!

Briana running, something she was never supposed to be able to do

Dad at the top of the scary slide

At the top of scary slide looking down

Dad on the merry-go-round

Briana on merry-go-round 2

Me on merry-go-round 2

The sky from under the merry-go-round

Moving merry-go-round

me on the swing!

Dad helping Briana up the scary slide

Briana at the top of scary slide

Emily on the 'baby' swing 😛