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Today’s blog post is going to be an improv piece! As I got dressed to go on my walk to the post office and back this morning I needed a shirt that wasn’t long sleeves, but had decent length sleeves as it’s in the mid 50s outside. My International Thespian Society Festival shirt was perfect! (It was 3/4 sleeves) And as I was sitting here trying to figure out what to write, I thought about how the drama geeks (I was most def. a behind the scenes person) would do improv to practice their skills and such. So, here we are, my first Improv blog post. I’m not going to edit anything, except grammar, I’m just gonna let whatever happens happen.


I went to the ITS festival in June of 2007, to say it was a whole new world for me would be an understatement. First of all I’d never been to Nebraska before, and I’d never done the whole away from home thing except for friends houses and camp. And then there were the dances. 5 nights of dancing till midnight or so. And I actually went to every one of them.

I feel the need to point out that these WERE high school type dances, so very few people were actually dancing, it was more like a mosh pit. So I didn’t do very much dancing, I mostly stood against the wall trying not to be noticed 😛 But I did get to witness the most amazingly talented dance partners, they totally blew my mind. They would dance ballet to rock songs, ball room dancing to pop, swing dancing to rap. They were truly talented!

I also met a pirate at dusk, he was a pretty cool dude, let me borrow his cape and hat to take pictures with my friend in. *good times* You can meet a LOT of different people at ITS, that’s one of the things I enjoyed about it, everybody is different. And no body cares.

And I LOVED going to the different plays every night (actually more like 2-3 times a day). Our group did a play on one of the smaller theaters, Give and Take, and I ran the audio, something I had never done before…

And I even ended up in a skirt at one point, shocking I know, but I was ambushed. 3 against 1 aren’t fair odds for anything. I weaseled out of the make-up tho Thank God!

ROFLOL I had almost forgotten about that, I actually ended up having to swap pants with one of they guys because I was the only one with the same waist size as his! He had brought khaki shorts (Which was a no-no) so we had to change at the VERY last minute! We were running around like crazy looking for somewhere to change and I walked up to a security guard and I was like “He needs my pants and I need his shorts, is there any place we can change really quick?? We are in a real hurry as he’s fixing to go on!” He must have been a regular at the ITS Fest cause he just thought about it for a second and said “There is a ladies room over there, I’ll guard the door and you two can go swap…” It was hilarious.

Okay, now for pics!

I'm the one in the middle, the only one wearing the brown show shirt that says 'Give and Take'

Im on the left side, I'm wearing a skirt but you can't tell! ;p


I'm the one on the far right in the blue 😛

Well, that was fun!

Until next time,