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Yesterday we talked about the ocean, one of my favorite places to visit. Today we are going to talk about the mountains, and a place I’ve been dozens of times and it never gets boring.


As you may, or may not know I was born in North East Georgia, both of my biological parents have Cherokee in them, and so do their parents, etc. So I suppose it’s just natural that one of my favorite places to go in the mountains is the Cherokee reservation. In my family growing up we had a tradition that on your birthday you could choose a place to go on a day trip (since my sister and I both celebrated our birthdays in September which was in the middle) and I could be expected to choose the same place. (Actually I think they even stopped asking me where I wanted to go eventually…)

We would wake up early, and load up the car/van with snacks, sandwiches, water, etc. (My Grandma and Granny were the always prepared type) And we would make the drive up into the mountains to Cherokee. I LOVE all the shops, that’s one of my favorite parts, playing in the river, getting to see the animals, and everything like that.

But it wasn’t until a little later in life that Cherokee itself came to have deep meaning for me. After Mom and Dad married we went to the outdoor drama “Unto these hills” which is a drama about the trail of tears, my heart broke for the once great nation. By scene two I was completely wrapped up in the story and I never wanted the whole thing to end. I’d never seen anything like it, and I don’t think there is anything like it anywhere else. If you are ever in that area during the show period it is a MUST see!

Back in the day we used to go on a lot of random trips to the mountains, we lived close enough anyway! One of my favorites that I will never forget is when my Dad drove several hours to take my sister and I ice skating (during the summer!) That was so much fun! (I love ice skating with a passion, I wish I was able to go more often than I have been able too) Kathy and I spent what felt like hours (I’m really not sure how much time passed) playing at the arcade, something neither one of us had done before.

I’ve climbed up to devils head before at Chimney Rock park, I honestly thought if I ever made it to the top I’d die up there 😛 Especially since I was carrying the dog (who weighed about 10 pounds) on my back!

The mountains are full of so many good memories for me, I can’t wait to go back and visit some of these places again hopefully SOON!

Tomorrow we will continue on with this topic, and please feel free to tell me what some of your favorite places are!