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Taking a little break from my favorite places because I just couldn’t pass this topic up. It comes from the Daily Post and it was something I was just thinking about ;p

“If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?

Bonuses: 1) Assume price is no object. 2) If you could eat this food with anyone alive or who has ever lived, who would it be? 3) Find and share a photo of what you’d like to eat or the person from #2.”

I’ve got two answers for this question, the first is assuming that I can eat whatever I want, even if it has gluten in it. And the second is the gluten-free thing I’d want.

I, like many celiacs I’m sure, have spent some time wondering what ONE gluten-filled food I’d eat if I could eat it just one more time without any pain. I would eat my Granny’s biscuits with chocolate syrup. I know what you are thinking, chocolate syrup on biscuits?! But this isn’t that nasty stuff you buy at the store, this is homemade, a family recipe that you just have to learn how to make. There is not exact recipes, in fact I don’t think anyone in my family cooks from a recipe, just just have to have a feel for it. It’s a mixture of sugar and Hershey’s coca powder. There are two traditional ways to eat it, you either open the biscuit and pour the syrup all over it, or you can do like I do (because I dislike my foods to touch) you can pour the syrup in the plate and dip it into the chocolate. Yes it’s messy, but its so beyond worth it. You can choose to put butter on your biscuit, or eat it plain (I like mine plain). And I would totally want to eat them with my Granny…

Biscuits and Chocolate syrup is a traditional first solid food in my family, it was my mothers first solid food, it was my first solid food, and IF I ever have kids it will be their first solid food as well. It was all of my cousins first foods as well.

Just thinking about it makes me hungry, and makes me miss my Granny, it’s been almost a decade since I had her biscuits and chocolate syrup. My Grandma makes good biscuits and such too, and when I was with MC we made some together, they were amazing, but none will ever taste like hers…

As for my gluten-free pick, that one was a lot harder as I almost ALWAYS have a hard time deciding what I want to eat (as everyone who knows me can attest to) , and it depends on if this has to be a real meal, or can be whatever I want. Because right now, more than anything, I want me some chocolate cows!  And of course I’d want to eat them with MC! 🙂

If it has to be ‘real’ food (blah), I guess I’d go with my favorite (can you guess it??) TAAAACCCOOOOSSS *said in Gir style voice* I admit, I eat tacos two or three times a week, shocking right? But I never get tired of them! I like to take and make tacos with the meat and sharp cheddar cheese inside the shell, and then take Cool Ranch Doritos and stick them inside the shell 😉 So yeah lol

So what would you eat?