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So, todays post is going to be a hodge-podge of stuff, because I really couldn’t decide what to write about…

1st off an update on Midnight Run: I’m still in the exact same spot. I’m sorry, I swear I’m trying, but my characters just don’t want to behave! And so they are just sitting and pouting in my laptop. I might have to throw someone new in the mix just to get things going again! Because it’s been far to long since I last worked on it.

As far as writing goes, I’ve written a few short stories and such, just none worth posting here. And I’ll try to get something up for y’all very soon!!

I get the Plinky prompts sent to me once a week, and I liked one of this weeks so I thought I’d throw it in this post too, because I imagine it would be a short answer.


If you could read minds for a day, would you?

I’ve always thought telepathy was a pretty cool super power, but at the same time it’s one of the one’s with the biggest burden. Because you are essentially spying on peoples thoughts. Their secrets, things you really shouldn’t know about them. Its even worse than reading someone’s journal, its the deepest invasion of privacy possible.

Would I do it? For just one day? That depends.

Can I choose NOT to read certain peoples thoughts? And can I read thoughts view txt, email, written letters etc? If yes, then YES! I’d totally do it. I’d probably feel guilty forever for doing it, but you know what they say, Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought her back.

If I would have to read everyone’s thoughts the whole day, I’d say no. That would be a HUGE headache, and there are people whose thoughts I just wouldn’t want to know.

Could I read animals minds? I’ve always wanted to know what they are thinking, it’s why The Immortals Quartet by Tamora Pierce is my favorite book series of all times! And Daine is my favorite character, with Numair coming in second!

Well, I guess that’s about all I have today. It’s been raining since 720 or so and it’s just stopped, I LOVE a good storm, but I hope it eases up enough I can run to town after 2…

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Grey’s Anatomy comes out tonight, so I’ll get to watch it tomorrow!! *woot*

I leave you with a question, would you like to mind read for a day? Why or Why not?