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Can you tell music is a really big part of my life? 🙂


I’m pretty excited right now because last night I found out that all my music from my old laptop that had crashed was actually backed up onto a flash drive that had gone ‘missing’ in the bottom of a desk drawer! (Cleaning does pay off sometimes)

I found the songs from my trip to Europe, most of them I don’t know the names of anymore, but ‘What’s that coming over the hill??’ was a trip favorite I think. 😉 We listened to it several times a day, and all of us really want to know if what was coming over that hill was a monster or not!

I also found my ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Matrix’, and ‘Disney Movies’ soundtracks!! Which I am beyond thrilled about! Yes I know those 3 movies don’t exactly go together, but I love them anyway 🙂

Found my very first CD “3 Doors Down: Away from the Sun”, the songs on that CD are full of so many memories, some of them good, some of them just painful.

Curtain Call by Eminem was on there too, along with the Linkin Park collection, and several random songs from my High School days…

I’m thrilled to have found these songs, especially since I was seriously considering buying some of them again next month 😛 There is rarely a time when I’m not listening to music. The first thing I do when I open my laptop is start my music, and it’s the last thing I cut off before going to bed. When I take walks I listen to music, when I drive I listen to music, when I cook I listen to music. The only times I’m not listening to music are when I’m watching tv, or talking to people. I just love music, I enjoy listening to the words and the sounds.

What was your favorite song in High School? Your first CD? (Do you remember?)


On another note: I’ve managed to write a little more with Midnight Sun and hopefully I’ll have the next 3 chapters up before the end of this week! So stay tuned!!