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I can not begin to express to you how truly excited I am at this very moment as I type this. As some of you know last October(ish) my wonderful laptop experienced to the ‘blue screen of eternal death’  and I was horribly sad. I had to start using my Dad’s ‘baby’ laptop (his netbook) and cross my fingers and pray for the day when I could afford to get a Mac Book Pro.

Well, tonight I did something crazy and random, mostly due to boredom and a large amount of caffeine consumption, I got my old laptop out of storage and pressed the on button. AND IT FREAKING CAME OUT! I tried to to freak, thinking it might just freeze up once I actually got it to the ‘Welcome Screen’, I entered my password, and it opened up, almost right away!! I had forgotten how fast this thing is!! That’s right. I’m using it right now!! My laptop came back from the dead! It has loads of updates to do, and I’m in the process of backing up everything on it before I update anything. But I am so very Thankful of this miracle! A laptop with a working keyboard!! (And a freaking HUGE screen especially compared to the netbook!) With a rocking awesome processor!! I ❤ my laptop and I’m so glad it came back to me!

Pray that it doesn’t change it’s mind 😛


Hope everyone is having as awesome of a night as I am!!! 🙂