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Am I the only one out there that longs for a time when people wrote proper letters?

Don’t get me wrong, I love and am very thankful for the technology that allows me to send my friends quick 160 character or less messages just to see how they are doing or chat. I love email, facebook, and twitter! But I still long for a time when people sent each other letters…

I personally love to write letters (as either of my friends can tell you ;p) there is just something special about taking the time to write out a message to someone, whether it’s a short or long one, and mail it to them. And there is just something special about going to the mailbox and finding a letter someone’s taken the time to write you. Sure it takes longer to get the message there, typically 3-4 days depending on how far away you live from that person, and even longer if they live over the great pond. But I think it’s worth the wait.

There is just something elegant and relaxing about sitting down and writing out your thoughts to a friend…putting pen/pencil to paper and just writing. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me? But it’s one of the most relaxing things I know of…

I desperately want to learn calligraphy as well, the way the letters flow and move; it’s like an art in and of itself. I will admit I have HORRIBLE handwriting, if I want it to be legible at all I have to devote a significant amount of time to whatever I’m writing. And I just have to write with a Sharpie Pen 😛 It’s the only pen I use anymore…because the ink dries fast enough I don’t get it all over my hand…

So am I the only one who longs for the ‘good old days’? The only one still in love with ‘snail mail’ in the age of email? What is your preferred method of writing to your friend’s family?