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As some/most of you might know, today I’ve been sick. Which means all I’ve done today is lay on the couch, either asleep or watching Myth Busters on tv. I’m thrilled to report thanks to some NyQuil I’m feeling more human, but still not 100%

Tomorrow I’m headed to Topeka (again) for the day. It’s a good thing, though I can’t really talk about it here, it’s very good news!!


I’ve got a spot of bad news tho, I’ve been told if I put my story here it might make it harder for me to get it published (if I should ever choose to do so….) I have to look into it before posting any more 😦 I’m so sorry….


That being said, I will continue to post updates on how the story is progressing. And I’m doing my best to keep posting here once a day…

Hope everyone else is well! And let’s pray Spring comes quickly!