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Today I’m back doing the Plinky prompts because I have no idea what-so-ever to write about. I’m in a writing funk 😛


Today’s first prompt is: Describe the town where you grew up do you still live there? Why or Why not?

I grew up in the tiniest little po-dunk town ever. You’ve probably never heard of it, unless you live very close by. How small is this town? Well let me tell you a little story….

Once upon a time, in this little town, we had a bank. This bank was just one branch off a bigger main bank. It was still a decent sized bank though, and just one block away from the police station. Well, one day a number of years ago this bank was robbed. And the robber got away. ON FOOT. (twice!) Yes. That actually happened.

In this small little town there were no stores, a tiny trading post and a gas station. No library, no school (it closed down years before I was born). Nowhere to go in this small little town. I’m 98% sure I was related to everyone in that town in some way or another, and they all knew me. Either by name or as ‘Maxine’s granddaughter’

Thankfully, I don’t still live there. It’s a dead end kind of town, and I’m glad to be away from there…

Prompt #2 is: Have you ever been on stage? Describe the experience

Everyone who knows me at ALL would probably assume the answer to that question is a big NO. They would in fact be very wrong….

I’ve been on stage too many times to count actually…

I’ve been in several Church plays. I’ve preformed in front of a thousand or so people at the Hiawassee fair (that was scary!) more than once I believe….

I spent a year during High School working behind the stage, building sets, doing lights and sound, etc.

And. I’ve even sung on stage. Sometimes with others, and sometimes alone. I’ve sang in the High School choir for state, and for concerts (sometimes we’d sing 3-4 times in one day!) And at camp last year I even got up and sang a song by myself (scariest thing ever!)

Being on stage is the scariest thing ever, and sometimes it can be the most thrilling thing ever. Do I enjoy it? NO! Have I done it before because I felt like I needed too, or I even wanted to? Yes…and I don’t regret it

Prompt #3 Describe the wackiest but most useful advice you’ve ever recieved

The first thing that comes to mind is “Always wear clean underwear” I’ve been told that my whole life… You never know when you might be in an accident or need to go to the ER or Doctors really quick and there won’t be time to change 😛

Never spit into the wind <<very good advice also goes for being sick

Never do anything you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics, or your Grandma (my Grandma works at the hospital)


Prompt #4 How do you define the word friend?

A friend is someone who is with you when you are happy and on top of the world, and when you are depressed, angry and hurt. A friend loves you no matter what, but is willing to tell you when you’ve screwed up. A friend listens to all your problems, and then tells you it could be worse, while at the same time sympathizing. A friend knows how crazy you are, and still wants to hang around with you. A friend will always be there to pick you up when you fall down, dust you off, and tell you to do it better, only this time do it right.

I’m lucky enough to have the two best friends in the entire world, both of whom I know I can always count on. I’ve very thankful for them 🙂


Ok, that’s seriously all I’ve got for today. The weather outside is dark and rainy, the kind of weather that makes you wanna crawl in bed and stay there all day. But alas, I have things to do 😛

Until next time (perhaps a vlog? We shall see),