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I have awesome news!! This little blog as hit over 1,000 views!! (all together)

I’m so very excited, I never thought I’d get more than a few views from my friends….

In honor of this monumental occasion I decided to continue my #100randomfactsaboutme from twitter (@polarbearscooby) on here, mostly because it’s random, and you know I’m all about the random, and partly because it was going to take forever to tweet 100 facts 3 or 4 at a time 😛

I did my best to try and think of the most random things possible, all of them true and about me. So here goes:

50.) My first word was ‘mick-mouse’

51.) I learned to ride a two wheel bike at the age of 3 with no training wheels

52.) I also learned to rollerblade around that time…

53.) Whenever I have a headache, or am sick I drink strawberry Jello

54.) I love the ocean

55.) I totally love Silly Bandz

56.) I always look away when there are needles or blood on t.v  (even though I know they aren’t real, I still can’t look)

57.) Since I learned to knit, I’ve never dropped a stich, I’ve added some tho lol

58.) I like the names “Alexandria Josephine” and “Michael Alexander”

59.) I HATE when people ask “Are you married yet?”

60.) I DO NOT eat fish, of any kind. I’m a landitarin (my very own word, coined when I was like 8)

61.) I like to dip McDonalds fries (and only McDs fries) in Honey! YUM!!

62.) Ketchup is a must in my house….being out of ketchup is a cause of alarm and a trip to the store

63.) I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn Piano and Violin

64.) I took piano lesson in college, but I was an epic failure

65.) I dabble with Calligraphy

66.) Spellcheck is my best friend

67.) So is grammar check

68.) I’ve always wished I was an artist

69.) I do NOT do rollercoasters

70.) My younger sister Kathy has been taller than me since I was 11 and she was 10

71.) I’ve been mistaken for a middle schooler….in the last year….

72.) I can sew, but only enough to repair minor things, and make some whatsits

73.) I’ve always wanted to learn more though….

74.) I was ‘saved’ and baptized when I was about 6

75.) Everyone in the hospital near my house knew me, partly because my Grandma works there and I was there a lot, and partly because I was in the ER/hospital so much

76.) I’ve never broken a bone *knock on wood*

77.) I do NOT drink Milk! Cow, Soy, Goat or any other kind

78.) My sonic happy hour order is a RT44 Coke with no ice

79.) I love both the M&M McFlurry and the M&M Blast with no whipped cream

80.) I hate whipped cream

81.) I know all the words to all the HSM songs because my HS did the play, and I was at every practice as I was stage manager…..I hate that movie now

82.) Sometimes I get songs stuck in my head, and they drive me bonkers

83.) I collect collections 😉

84.) I have never pierced my ears

85.) I don’t ever plan to pierce or tat anything, as I hate needles

86.) I sorta collect Ty Beanie Babies

87.) I say sorta because I’ve never bought any, they are all lovely gifts J

88.) I am a Detroit Red Wings fan through and through

89.) When I saw St. Louis vs. Detroit I was torn and cheered for both…..

90.) Christmas, Halloween, and St. Patricks day are my favorite holidays (oh and Thanksgiving)

91.) I dislike V-day with a passion

92.) I love taking random pictures of random things

93.) I prefer to be barefoot, I seriously hate wearing shoes

94.) I’ve never been arrested, or gotten a ticket

95.) I want to visit France, New Zealand, Japan, China, Italy, and Austria

96.) I can’t wait to go back to England, Ireland and Wales

97.) I think the best way to eat a Crepe is to wrap it around a hotdog ;p

98.) I dislike celebrating my birthday….

99.) Last year was probably my favorite birthday tho

100.) my major is a Bachelors in Children’s Ministry with (hopefully) a dual in Deaf Communications


There you have it! 50 completely random facts about me 😛

Who knows what I’ll do when/if I hit 2,000 views total….certainly not me roflol

I hope everyone is having a great start of Spring (it’s Spring Break here for the girls, they are enjoying the week off)

Until next time,