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“It’s supposed to be Spring Kansas!!!” This is the thought in the front of my mind….

On Monday we had a lovely spring day, and today it’s just cold and windy. I was really hoping spring would stick around some more, I’m very sick of all the cold weather! 😛

Of course, ask me in the middle of July and I’ll probably tell you that it’s hot and Fall needs to hurry up and get here! 😛


I’m still suffering from some of the glutening side-effects so I haven’t got much to write about I’m afraid. Hopefully I’ll have something more for you next time… But for now lets pick a random Plinky topic!


How did you get your name? Who chose it and Why?

As for my first time, Kristina, I was named after a doll my mother had when she was little. My middle name has a bit more of a personal meaning to me….

My Great-Grandmother (Granny) was an amazing woman whom I loved very much, she passed away a number of years ago. Her name was Nancy Ann.  My mom wanted to name my sister and I after her without doing so in such a way that she would cause my Grandmother pain because the name was so obvious.

So I became Kristina Diane

That’s pretty much it, not a long story I suppose…


Until next time,