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I find myself wanting to write about music again today

In the post Music I gave just a brief intro into what I like as far as music goes

In the post Music II I talked about how music and mood go along with each other, and what music I like to listen to when I am in what mood

And in the post Music III I talked about old favorites

Today I find that I want to talk about music in general, and we shall see where it goes….

I think it goes without saying that I love music at this point; it is a huge part of my life. However, most people are surprised to learn that I love so many kinds of different music. When I tell people, I am a Christian they immediately assume that I must only listen to ‘gospel’ music or whatever. They quickly discover they would not be more wrong.

You see, not only do I love gospel songs and contemporary worship, I love secular music too. Everything from hard rock to pop to rap, I love it all. (Within reason)

Growing up I was only allowed to listen to country music, bluegrass, and gospel. It kind of goes without saying that I now HATE country music, and almost all bluegrass music. (I still love gospel though)

To me Music isn’t just about the lyrics; it’s about the whole piece the way the music flows, the way they mesh. (That is why I love VSQ so much….)

For some reason I have been gifted with the ability to learn song quickly, I can hear a song a few times and just know it. Sometimes I want to learn it, and sometimes I don’t. For this reason, I avoid listening to songs I don’t like. Because I’ll just learn it, and it will get stuck in my head and drive me nuts!!

This is all made worse by the fact that I cannot sing worth a flip 😛 and I am totally terrified by the thought of people hearing me sing…but anyway I digress

As a total Gleek I have quite a number of completely random songs on my iPhones iPod. Some favorites include “Candles”, “Firework”, “Blackbird”, “Raise your glass”, “Defying Gravity”, and many many many more lol

How about this, I’m gonna post some YouTube vids of my favorite songs from each genre? Sound good? Good! Lol


*edited to add* I apologize but some of the videos will only play on YT, and as they were the best I figured I’d just leave them…

First lets go with some classical

How about some hard rock?


Now how about some gospel?


Now how about some Christian rock?

Some Gleekiness? (is that even a word? well it is now!)



Okay enough gleeking out, now how about some covers?


Some rock? (this song has deep deep meaning for me, and is one of my favs)

Praise and Worship?

So, have I made my point? What do you think? Can you love them all? Should Christians just listen to ‘Christian music’? What’s your favorite genre?

I look forward to hearing from y’all

Until then,