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as in plinky!

I haven’t been feeling 100% today so I’m going to the old fall back, plinky, for my blog topics…

Topic #1 Would you rather see or be seen? This one’s totally easy for me….If I could be invisible I totally would. I much rather prefer to see rather than be seen….

Topic #2 What’s the most awkward moment you’ve experienced at a family gathering? This one cracks me up, at a family reunion a few years back we had a couple of newly weds that I’m distantly related to show up and realize that they were in fact distant cousins…. Of course it’s not a family gathering for my family if there isn’t a fight of some sorts, fist fights included. Before my Granny passed away she had a strict “take it outside the yard” policy, so that if there was gonna be a fight you had to leave her property….

Topic #3 Name 3 songs that remind you of three specific people

It’s hard to just pick 3, but I’ll do it 🙂

Bohemian Rhapsody = Dad

Meet in the Middle = Kate

Hey Soul Sister = MC

Topic #4 Describe a childhood fantasy of yours

When I was little I always wanted to grow up and travel. I wanted to see London most of all. But I wanted to travel around the world, so see the mountain and ocean and go across ‘the pond’. I’ve gotten to travel some so far, but I’m not done yet! There are still several places left on my list, and I really do love to travel so I don’t think I’ll ever be done….

That’s really all I have for today…. I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

Until next time,