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Whats 1 in 133 you might be thinking right now. Well the answer is simple, 1 in 133 people live with Celiac Disease in America alone.  Crazy right? There are typically more than 133 people in any High School class, yet thats how many people live in America with CD!!

Why is this important? 1 in 133? Why should you care?

Chance are that even if you’ve never heard of CD before this post, you know someone who has CD (diagnosed or undiagnosed) and with odds as small as 133 to 1 you might even have CD, or be a carrier.

People who have CD can NOT have wheat. PERIOD. No if’s ands or buts about it. We can’t have wheat. It makes us sick, it kills our immune system, and damages our insides. You’d think with all those problems coming from wheat the FDA would have law about labeling wheat and gluten on packing and making sure companies labeled if they use ‘safe facilities’ or not right?



That’s what 1 in 133 is about we want the FDA to step up to the plate and help keep us safe!!

For people with CD eating gluten-free isn’t a fad, it’s not a weight loss program, and it ISN’T A CHOICE!! So please, check out 1 in 133 , sign the petition , donate if you can, and please pass the word along!!

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Please take a few moments and sign the petition and pass it along.

Thank you so much, not just from me, but from every person with CD

Until next time,