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My apologies for not posting yesterday, it was a very long day and I didn’t make it home until late… I’ll try to make it up later today today 🙂

On Thursday I wrote a post about what I would do if the weather were better. And thankfully that happened today! I enjoyed an hour or so outside in the sunshine reading (without the ice tea sadly as I keep forgetting to make ice :P)

It’s just right outside, warm enough for shorts but not so hot that you feel like you are gonna melt. 😛 With a lovely breeze that helps keep you cool.  Not if only I had that hammock 😉

Before I go (for now) I want to Thank those who signed the petition I wrote about on Thursday! If you haven’t yet please do! It’s very important so make sure to pass it along! Since I wrote they’ve also created a Facebook page so you should ‘like’ it and pass it along!

Until next time,