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Our Last Music post, Music V (I’m so good with these titles aren’t I?) was about all the different random types of music I like. Todays post is devoted to just one genre of Music.


Last night I had the good fortune to discover this: 100 Must Have Classical songs A-Z for just $5.99 (USD)!!! 100 amazing classical songs for under 6$!!! When I first saw the album title I thought, oh how neat I’ll buy a song or two, and then when I realized the whole album would be cheaper to buy I just had to have it 🙂


It has many of my favorites including Dance of the Sugar Plum Faires, Greensleeves, Fur Elise, Waltz from Swan Lake and even some songs I love made into classic pieces! Like Clocks, Don’t Stop Believing and Fire flies! Plus the Star Wars theme, The Superman theme, and the Star Trek theme (yes I know I’m a total nerd :P)

If you are looking for more classical music at a good price, or to start a collection of classical music this is one album you can’t miss, and it’s a total steal!

I just love the variety, the sound quality is amazing, and so far I haven’t heard a single song I didn’t enjoy! 🙂


I’m really hoping to get some writing done today, so stay tuned! I feel a change in the air 😉

Until next time,