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Those of you who know me, or who have ever spent any time around me or my family, have probably heard us mention ‘the Doctor’ but just Who is the Doctor? What’s so special about a Doctor? And what is the TARDIS? What’s up with “It’s bigger on the inside” anyway? And “What’s a K-9?”

I’m going to try and answer all of those questions and more with this blog post starting with “Just Who is Doctor Who?!”

The Doctor is a time-lord, that is to say he travels through time, he’s from a planet called Gallifrey and he’s well over 900 years old. How? You might ask? Because he regenerates,  he’s currently on his 11th regeneration more commonly known as “The 11th Doctor”. I am personally not fond of Matt Smith, the actor who plays the 11th Doctor, but the general census is that he’s a good actor and makes a good Doctor, personally I’m fond of the last regeneration, played by David Tennant.

To explain all about just who the Doctor is would take a lot of time, and I don’t even know it all but here’s a link on the Doctor that should help you learn 🙂

The TARDIS aka Time And Relative Dimensions In Space is the Doctor’s ‘time-machine’ yes, the TARDIS is a She and she is bigger on the inside. The Doctor um, ‘borrowed’ her in the beginning of the series and she’s been with him ever since. A TARDIS is supposed to blend with the environment it lands in, but the Doctor’s has a broken chameleon circuit. After a while the Doctor just stop trying to fix her saying he’d ‘grown fond’ of her shape. The TARDIS is an entire dimension so no one knows just how much bigger on the inside she is, but we do know that she has multiple libraries, closets, swimming pools, etc. and she likes to move them around.

K-9 is just one of the Doctor’s many companions (and he happens to be my favorite companion), a companion travels with the Doctor around time and space getting into trouble and occasionally helping the Doctor out 😉

If you want to learn more about the Doctor and his travels you can look here because after 26 seasons and over 700 episodes there is a LOT of information to learn, and I don’t know it all I’m afraid. It has a rich history full of culture and many fans (known as Whovians)  and it’s certainly worth checking out in my opinion.

Now I just have to get over my great dislike for Matt Smith and watch the Christmas Special so I can watch the new season when it comes out…

And how could I have almost forgotten the Sonic Screwdriver! And the physic paper!! Both worth checking out 😀

The 10th Doctor



The TARDIS control room


Until next time,