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No, I wasn’t totally blind before, but after a trip to my (new) eye doctor I was beginning to wonder…

He tsk’ed and fiddled with the giant contraption that always makes me think of something very ‘Jedi’ in training… Dont question my thought process. Anyway. “Which is better 1 or 2? Are they they same?” etc etc for several minutes

“Please read the smallest line you can see WITHOUT squinting”

“What? Without squinting? No eye doctor has ever asked me not to squint….”

“No squinting”

“Uh, Um, is that a D? Or maybe a B? And, Um, is that a S?”

“Thats a two”

“Oh, for reals?”

“Yeah, you got all of them wrong” <<Okay so he didn’t SAY it like that, but it was implied

*Looks at Dad sitting in corner* “She needs glasses”

“What?! My last eye doctor said I had 20/20 vision!! I mean….Sure I have to work a little harder to see stuff, and I can’t really read anymore without getting a nasty headache and working really hard….but has it gotten that bad?”

“You have a little less than 20/40 vision, you are near sighted, with an astigmatism. You have to have glasses (or contacts) to see”

*Eye doctor fiddles around in drawer full of little lenses for a few minutes* “Here try this” *places little ‘fake glasses’ over my eyes*


He laughs at me and nods “Yes it is” before taking the fake glasses away making me realize just how hard I had been working to see, just how blurry the world was, and how much I wanted to be able to see clearly again.

Why am I writing about this now? Because I got my new glasses today a whole week early! I’ve spent the entire afternoon doing the thing I’ve missed most these past few months. Reading. And that’s where I’m headed as soon as I finish this post. I spent two hours reading without my eyes getting tired, with no headaches, no squinting….. It’s amazing.

Sadly tho, now that I can see I realize just how messy my room really is 😉

I have 15 never read before books on my ‘to-read’ pile (21 if you count each book in the Jane Austen collection I got for a STEAL the other night at Vintage Stock) with two more that shipped out this morning from B&N on the way…. Plus I’ve got the Chronicles of Narnia on there to re-read. So you can guess what I’m gonna be doing this weekend! 😀 😀 😀

I kinda feel a little like a dork, but thats ok because I CAN SEE!

Until next time,