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Once upon a time in a land far far away from here a girl and her best friend were on vacation, the first girl was from the middle of nowhere, the second lived closer to the city. It was fate that lead them into that part of the museum at just the right time, for the first girl was just walking past when she looked down and saw a small plastic package on the floor. She picked it up and looked around to see who had dropped, but they were the only one’s around. Looking at the package again she saw it contained a small penguin holding a little baby…

It was decided that this Penguins name was Carrot, and Carrot would go with the first friend back to the middle of nowhere to stay for awhile until the first friend decided to send her back to the big city to be with the other friend. Carrot went to a NHL game, and lived through the Snowpocolypse and sweltering heat, and a few trips to the big city until the first friend decided it was time Carrot got to see the second friend again…


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