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Last Thursday I decided to send one of my best friends (MC) a Super Secret Surprise Package (SSSP) Dad and I decided to go to JoMo on Friday to get plenty of things to fill of the package and I could hardly contain my excitement as I put it all together. It was mostly random stuff, whatever I thought MC would like in the end there was:

just over a pound of Gummi Frogs, Sharks and Bears

A marshmallow frog

A marshmallow frog sucker

A container of GF/DF/NF cookies

Some not-peanutbutter bars (I forget what they are called…)

A wish book (its a OCC thing)

Some Zebra paper

A toy for her dog Shado

Carrot the Penguin

And I don’t even remember what else….

It was great fun to put together and I know she’ll enjoy munching on it for some time (she doesn’t eat sweets nearly as fast as I do :P) I’m just glad I got to send her a little pick-me-up for her busy week ahead….

Until next time,