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Today’s topic comes from Daily Post:

Make a top ten list of favorite things to do you haven’t done in over a year 

This is gonna be really hard…..

1.) Go to a concert ~Like a real loud vibrant concert, either rock or Christian rock

2.) Go to the ocean ~ I’ve lost count of how many times on here I’ve mentioned missing the ocean….

3.) Play the piano ~Okay it probably hasn’t been a full year since I last played, and I royally sucked at it and couldn’t stand my teacher, but I did love to play so much….

4.) Take a random trip ~I can’t remember the last time we just hopped in the car and took a trip just to travel, not really knowing where we were gonna go until we got there….

5.) Have an all night movie marathon with my friends~ Something that needs to happen soon….

6.) Go to a midnight showing of a movie~ I haven’t been to a midnight showing since the Wolverine disaster….

7.) Take Karate~ I haven’t done this since I was 8, but I miss it so stinking much even now 12 years later

8.) Go see a play (or better yet a classical concert or ballet!!)~ I can’t even remember the last play I saw, probably when my sister was still in HS and sadly I’ve never seen a live classical concert though I’ve seen 1 ballet a decade or so ago

9.) Go to London!! ~nough said

10.) Go to the mountains and see the “Trail of Tears” play

That was really hard!! I try to do all my ‘fav’ things a lot so it took some real thought…

So what are your 10 things?

Until next time,