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For reasons un-known to me they are working on a bridge near my house, and have been using the jack hammer out there since about 9am which as you can imagine has been squashing all creative thought…. It’s driving me crazy! So today we are doing plinky prompts again 😀

Prompt #1 What can’t you leave home without?  Why? What might happen if you forget it?

This one’s easy. My iPhone. I think I forgot it at home once and we were in such a hurry we couldn’t go back and get it. I was lost all day. My iPhone is my connection with the world, it’s not just a phone, it’s the only clock I have , its my computer in my pocket. That might sound a little silly but its true….

Prompt #2 Describe what your handwriting looks like 

A mess? A total and complete mess. If I want to I can make it look decent and kinda nice, but its not ‘pretty’ or anything. I envy people who have nice pretty hand writing that can easily be read by anyone… Half the time I can’t even read my own hand writing. It wasn’t always that bad, but a few years ago my thumb got smashed in a metal brace and I still have trouble with it…

Prompt #3 When did you first start using the computer regularly? 

Oh gosh, when I was like 7? I used to use it a LOT, almost every day growing up… then around 13/14 I decided I used the computer too much and went off it for a year cold turkey… Then after that I started using it every day again.. Just not quite as long. Or as much

I use my laptop for everything from facebook to email to watching TV on it (we don’t have satellite or cable we use netflix and hulu) and of course I blog on here… And when I’m not blocked I write on here

So what can’t you leave home without? How’s your handwriting? And when did you first start using the computer regularly?

Until next time,