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There I am, sitting on the couch, having a lovely conversation on twitter with some tweeps from across the big pond about American food and fast food when all of a sudden this pops up:

epic fail

I tried twitter.com and got nearly the same thing…. Turns out I had surpassed my 100 tweets an hour limit. Seriously, theres a limit!! My first response was to want to tweet about not being able to tweet! *head desk*

I think I might have a problem here…. ;p

I can now tweet again, but it was a long long long hour….

And the stupid people are back with the jack hammers so I’m back to blaring music wide open to drown them out…

All in all a rough few hours…. I tried really hard to write some on MR this AM but didn’t even get a paragraph out…. It stinks too

Until next time, (with hopefully a better post)