There aren’t words to describe how I feel now….
You see. My best friend of 13 years just passed away. He was the best dog in the entire world. And I can’t stop crying.
It’s been an hour already, and it feels like it will never end.

He wasn’t in the best if health, so it wasn’t totally unexpected, but it still hurts more than I could have imagined.

I remember the first time I saw him. He wasn’t very old. We were looking for a dog for my Aunt, and Pom-Poo was already promised to someone. I remember he ran across that kitchen floor towards me and fell flat on his butt and slide into me. He was so tiny. So very tiny and all fur. He picked me. He picked us. They owners of his parents called the woman who was originally supposed to get him and told her he’d picked us. He was my dog.

He always came back to me, even when he was attacked by a bigger dog several years ago. He shouldn’t have lived but he did. He came back.

He was loved by everyone who met him, and he loved everyone.

Prayers for the next few days or weeks or who knows will be appreciated.

Rest in peace Pom-Poo
August 13 1997- April 20 2011
We love you and will miss you