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Yet another plinky prompt!

How is technology changing the way families interact?  Is it a positive or negative change?

Technology has DRASTICALLY changed the way families interact! In ye olden days (like when I was little) parents rarely had cell phones, much less kids, so there was no txting your Mom or Dad to let them know you’d be late, you had to find a real phone and call them. You didn’t email or txt your friends to say ‘Hi’ you had to call them, or *gasp* send them an actual letter and wait for them to get it and then right a reply and wait to get it back!!

You couldn’t snap tons of pics every day because you had to pay for film and to have it developed, this was really expensive and not for ‘every day’ use. (Forget video) Sharing pictures with people involved having ‘doubles’ printed and mailing them the old fashion way. And most people just sent ’round the school photos once a year….

Now we have facebook where you can post a 100 pictures in an album and share them with all your family and friends, we have cameras in our phones that we can snap pics on and email, txt, post them to share with anyone we want.  We can take videos and post them on youtube as well.

In a way though it’s changed the personal aspect of interactions. Gone are the hand written letters to express affection along with the occasional picture. Gone are the ‘Sunday’ telephone calls to the grandparents to see how they are doing and update them on the ‘kids’. We rarely ever think to ‘call’ someone anymore. More often than not we just txt/email/write on their FB wall.

What do y’all think? Have the changes been positive? Negative? Little bit of both?

Until next time,