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I’ve written about having CD a few times:

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1 in 133

Today I’m going to write about Celiac again (on two different topics)

Topic #1 A Celiac’s Worst nightmare

I had the scariest nightmare the other night that I was being force fed wheat! I can say this was quite possibly the scariest dream I’ve ever had! I imagine I am not the only person with CD whose worst nightmares include being force fed wheat, chased by wheat, or accidentally eating wheat… Because these are not only our worst dreams some of them are nightmares we live with each day. (although I doubt any of us have actually been chased by wheat…) We live in a wheat-ful and wheat-filled world that we have to learn to navigate in and survive in! Its not easy, but the benefits are more than worth it!

Topic #2 A Celiac’s greatest dream

As most of you know I’m staying the week with (one) of my best friends and she is also GF (as well as DF and a few others) one of the reasons I love getting to visit her so much (besides the fact that she rocks and is my best friend) is that she totally understands and gets how I feel about having to eat different foods, about my foods being expensive, and most important of all my paranoia about CC! (cross contamination!) She doesn’t think it’s crazy that I don’t like to eat foods other people have cooked, she understands how I feel about having people cook for me. And she totally gets how it feels to feel left out while everyone else is eating one thing and you have to eat another! We find and try and create loads of new foods while we are together and it’s always great fun! And I know if I ever get ‘glutened’ she’ll understand, just like I understand when she does…

I’m very grateful to have such an awesome friend in my life!

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Thank you in advance!

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