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Another plinky prompt!

What are your favorite slang words?

First I guess we should define slang right?

Wikipedia defines slang as:

“…an expression should be considered “true slang” if it meets at least two of the following criteria:

  • It lowers, if temporarily, “the dignity of formal or serious speech or writing”; in other words, it is likely to be considered in those contexts a “glaring misuse of register.”
  • Its use implies that the user is familiar with whatever is referred to, or with a group of people who are familiar with it and use the term.
  • “It is a taboo term in ordinary discourse with people of a higher social status or greater responsibility.”
  • It replaces “a well-known conventional synonym”. This is done primarily to avoid the discomfort caused by the conventional item or by further elaboration.

Slang should be distinguished from jargon, which is the technical vocabulary of a particular profession, and which meets only the second of the the criteria given above. Jargon, like many examples of slang, may be used to exclude non–group members from the conversation, but in general has the function of allowing its users to talk precisely about the technical issues in a given field.”

Since I can’t think of any spoken slang that I use I’m gonna go with written slang…

My favorite written slangs are (at the moment):

ily! ~Ily (read as a word not 3 letters) means simply I Love You!

lol/roflol ~laughing out loud or rolling on the floor laughing out loud (I use these a lot)

Yep! ~ can be used in place of the more formal “Yes”

Also I think emoticons should and can be considered slang as well so here are a few I use a lot!

😛 ~tongue sticking out

😉 ~winking face

;p ~tongue sticking out winking face

😀 ~ seriously happy face

🙂 ~happy face

=^.^= ~happy cat face

So what are some slang y’all like to use?


Txt lingo?

Until next time!