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Another plinky prompt to get caught up!

What scents bring back vivid memories for you?

The smell of chocolate, specifically Hershey’s cocoa powder brings back the most precious memories for me…

It reminds me of my late Granny and all of the lovely biscuits and chocolate she made me growing up.

I remember waking up to the smell of chocolate wafting through the house.

We’d have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just whenever we felt like it.

Granny would pull out the flour and milk and such and hand make each biscuit covering her hands in flour before forming each biscuit in the palm of her hand and giving it a good pat before placing it inside the cast iron skillet. Then while the biscuits were cooking she’d go over to the cabinet behind the door and reach up to the middle shelf (far to high for me to ever reach) and take out the little box of Hershey’s Chocolate and some sugar and then she’d grab the blue medium sized sauce pot and mix a little chocolate and some sugar and stir it up really good, then she’d pour some hot water in the pot and stir that really good. Then she’d take the pot over to the stove turn the eye to medium heat and let it come to a boil before pouring some into my plate (I was one of the grandchildren that got to eat off the glass plates) and giving me a biscuit. (Granny was one of the people that seemed to understand my aversion to having my foods touched and never tried to force the issue)

I’d inhale the warm rich chocolatey smell for a moment before dipping my biscuit in and basically inhaling my food. It was one of the few foods I would eat….

So the smell of chocolate will always bring back those memories, those moments, and for that I am thankful.