Yesterday was a totally amazing awesome day!! MC and I arrived by Metro almost on time and would have been there a little sooner if it weren’t for the construction and such…

We started our day by each getting a “1 in 133” t-shirt and name tags and then before we could really get started on anything we were asked if we were willing to run an errand to ‘Whole Foods’ together to pick up some cake sheets for the building of the cake bottom (the cake around the bottom that we actually ate)

So of course we said “Yes!” and headed out post haste to do this errand. It probably took us about an hour because it turns out the Whole Foods was about a mile and a half away from where we were…but at least it had finally stopped raining! So we walked, and we walked and we walked some more and FINALLY made it to Whole Foods. We found the bakery got the sheets and then (after snagging some Izze and some water to drink) we walked and walked and walked some more until we got back! About 2.5 miles all together and then when we got back it was discovered that they had given us the wrong thing! Oh well they made it work.

Then it was time for lunch! As MC and I were sitting there eating lunch when a women walked in our little room looking really confused so I asked her if she needed some help and she said Yes! Then she asked if she could interview us! FOR THE TIMES!!!! She sat and talked with MC and I for like half an hour or so! We talked about how we felt about needed Gluten-Free labeling and how we felt about having Celiac and how we met (MC and I) how we felt and everything. Then after the interview she asked me something about school or something and I said “If I get glutened I’m screwed” and then she exclaimed “I’ve never heard it used like a verb like that! Can I quote you saying that?!” Then she went on about how we have our own terminology and and stuff (which we totally do) and then I asked said something about ‘wheival’ and she said “What?” and I said “Wheival, it means evil wheat!” and shes like “Can I use that too?” and I said SURE! SO who knows, MC and I might end up in the times!

After that we worked stuffing swag bags, and then carrying the 300 swag bags across the hotel, running around doing whatever anyone needed us to do. And then it was time to change as people started showing up! And BOY where there a LOT of people!! More than I ever imagined would show up! The little hotel restaurant was PACKED! The cake was done and it was HUGE! And then we started! MC and I had people decorate the little ‘bricks’ that would go around the bottom of the cake that we would actually eat. I taked to the Glutino guys and got them to decorate some cake (I didn’t even know it was them!) And then it was time!

Speeches were made, and the DEPUTY OF THE FREAKING FDA SHOWED UP!! We had 8500 signatures on our petition, and then, it was TIME TO CUT THE CAKE!!


I got the VERY first piece off the cake! Because I had decorated that section and the Chef remembered it so he cut a HUGE slice just for me!
I’m so amazed at support, dedication and kinship I saw yesterday at the summit. There were even people there who didn’t have Celiac disease or any kind of intolerance but showed up to show support for those of us who did! (I made really good friends with her)

Just because the summit is over doesn’t mean that its not a big deal anymore! Because it still is and we want to hit 10,000 signatures! So please keep passing the info along, sending letters to the FDA, talking to your Reps, because this is a HUGE deal and it won’t be over till we get regulated gluten-free labeling!

Thank you to everyone who has already signed, or donated!

I’m so glad I got to spend a week with my best friend and I’m thankful that I got to come for this amazing event! 😀

Until next time,


A sign about the event!

Part of the MASSIVE cake! They got a lot done while we were on our walk!

MC (whose taller than me!) looks short next to the cake! 😀

Me changed for the reception (I'm seriously surprised I didn't get frosting all over while decorating cakes :P)

Its getting TALLER!

from left to right Me, MC, and John 🙂 (we needed to have more pictures tweeting)

Look at them go! 🙂


Look at the pretty cake! (They are measuring it here over 11 feet!!)

The bottom piece thats kind of sticking out with the green squiggle was my contribution to the cake! 🙂

The FDA showed up!!

Look how tall the cake is!!

The Gang!!!

The first piece of the cake!