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Remember the days of naps, recess, using your imagination to play, and just being a kid? Running around barefoot all summer, climbing trees, riding your bike around the yard, and just having a good time…. There are lots of things to miss about being a kid… So its hard to pick just one.

And while growing up is inevitable sometimes we all miss the ‘good old days’. The way things used to be…

Yeah, there are perks to growing up, but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss the simplicity of our childhoods. I think if I had to pick the one thing I missed the most that would be it. I miss the simplicity of it all…. Before life got complicated ya know?

When making a friend was as easy as saying “Hi” and it wasn’t weird to want to go swing on the swing-set or play in the park. When the most pressing problem we had was what to play, and maybe who to play with. When we didn’t have a care in the world….

You might think its strange, or weird, but I still enjoy cartoons and swingsets, Some things never change

What do you miss most from your childhood?

Until next time,