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Believe it or not I was just talking to my BFF last week about the best kind of driving music, so when I saw this plinky prompt asking what the best kind was, I knew I had to write about it 🙂

I love music (as I’m sure y’all have figured out by now) and the music I listen too depends greatly on my mood. That being said the music I want to listen to while driving varies….

More often than not I’d prefer to listen to classical music….but alas I cannot. For you see, when I listen to classical music I have a tendency to drive a little too fast… I get so caught up in listening to the music, the way it moves, the way it sounds, that I forget to drive the speed limit 😛

So I listen to a little of everything else….

My current obsession is ‘dance’ music, specifically Cascada…. I like to listen to it rather loud with the bass cranked up 😀

But I also like to throw some rock, pop, contemporary Christian, rap, and heavy metal in there to mix things up 😀

So whats your perfect driving music? Do you have a driving playlist? (I do :P)

Until next time,