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There are so many good movies out right now it seems! And I haven’t had a chance to see all the ones on my list and there are even more good ones coming out all the time! “Name a movie you haven’t got around to seeing

I want to see Jane Eyre SO BAD!! Alas, there is not a movie theater within 3 hours of where I live playing it (I triple checked) its been out for awhile now so I’m pretty sure I’ll have to wait and see in when if comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray

I also want to see Thor (in 3D of course!) and Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides (also in 3D) those will hopefully be out in theaters long enough for me to make it to see them!

And I seriously CAN’T wait to see X-Men First Class!! I can’t believe its coming out NEXT MONTH!!!! (Yes I’m a total geek) I’ve been waiting forever it seems….

Green Lantern, Cars 2, and Kung Fu Panda 2 are also on my list 😀

What movies are you dying to see?

Until next time,