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Dailypost asks “If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

Anyone who knows me knows that I have  HUGE needle phobia, I can’t stand them. Even thinking about them to write this gives me the creeps. I can’t even see them on T.V without feeling sick…. So this is one of those ‘if I lost my mind’ kind of posts….

If I ever lost my mind and got a tatto……I think I’d get something Tiger related. Either a whole tiger, tiger paw, tiger stripes (you get the picture right?) tigers have a very significant meaning to me, and are probably my favorite animal. Whenever we go to the zoo I spend most of my time watching the tigers in the wild animal section….

Who knows, if I was crazy enough to loose my mind and want a tattoo I might go with a whole lower back deal….might as well right? 😛

Until next time,