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There I was, sitting in the back of a police car, all I could think about was how badly my nose itched, yet I couldn’t scratch it because every time I tried I smacked myself in the face with those stupid handcuffs. How had this all gone so horribly wrong? I wasn’t gonna try to fake innocence, I had totally done it, but I wasn’t supposed to get caught! I had spent weeks scheming to come up with the perfect crime! I had thought of every possibility! Except for one. I didn’t expect for my heart to get in the way. My head knew the plan, was ready to stick to the plan, but my heart was another matter entirely. So when I was the dog in trouble I had to stop and help, I knew it would mess with my narrow window of opportunity to get away safely. But I couldn’t bear the thought of just leaving him there….

And then they found me, swarmed in actually, and surrounded me. They told me to lie flat on the ground with my hands above my head (I laughed inside at this silly notion, I was never armed in the first place, I hadn’t wanted anyone to get hurt) I told them I would as soon as someone came and took my place helping the dog…. The police chief nodded and a young officer not much older than I came and took my place. His hands shaking the whole time, what had they been told about me I wondered? To make them so afraid….

The ground was hot beneath me, and I was acutely aware of a rock digging into my hip. But I just lay there waiting, for what I knew would come next…. The shackles, the ‘silver bracelets’, the first time I’d ever worn handcuffs. They weren’t at all comfortable, but I guess that was the point right?

I suppose it was my own fault for aiming so high my first time out as a criminal…. but how could I resist? They grabbed the bag from next to me and almost ran away, everyone it seemed was now afraid of me. I chucked to myself, this was all amusing. “Its here! Its safe!” There was an audible sigh of relief from the crowd around me. I was hauled to my feet and shoved in the back of the police car. Where I sat waiting for what would come next….

What had I done?

I guess the world will never know……

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